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Date postedFebruary 17, 2014
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Allow Admins to specify the user group(s) which are to be shown in the Staff List. The name(s) of the Staff Category(s) in the Staff List are
the name(s) of the user group(s) selected.
If the Admins don’t choose any user groups to be displayed then a default listing of admins (users with user level 2) and moderators (users with user level 3)
The ability to sort the Staff List by username or by «Staff Category»
The list includes name of the group, username, location and link for www or/and pm
If a Staff Member belongs to a hidden group then that hidden group membership is only shown to the Admins and the members of the hidden group.

– Admins is to specify multiple groups. While adding groups, admin can select from groups already not selected.
– Staff List can be sorted by username or by «Staff Category». When sorting by username the users is only shown once if the user is member of more than one selected group.
– The admin can specify groups which are not shown to anyone when listing a Staff Member’s groups in the Staff List (such as a group which everyone on the site is a member of).