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Version1.7 Beta
Date postedSeptember 18, 2012
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=== ESWD Utility ===
Contributors: None yet!
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Tags: marketpress, import, custom fields, featured image, gallery
Requires at least: 3.4.2
Tested up to: 3.4.2
Stable tag: 1.6 Beta
License: GPLv2

== Description ==
This one is made for a client and replaces the marketpress-importers.php file in the marketpress plugin-folder.

* variants (se csv samplefile for howto)
* featured image
* product gallery (two images)
* missing image dummy
* stock invatory on variant
* sales-price
* price
* custom fields (CustomPress)
* url image upload
* ftp image upload

* weight
* product update

== Installation ==
Upload as plugin and activate, do settings in ‘Settings >> ESWD Utility Settings’.
NB! For use of the MP Extended importer, please copy the extended ‘marketpress-importers.php’ from the folder ‘extra’ to markepress pluginfolder ‘marketpress-includes’. Overwrite existing file.

== Changelog ==
= 1.7 Beta =
– Added option in settings for ‘Publish products’. If not set they are imported as drafts.
– Added option in settins for ‘Import only product with price’. If set products without price will be skipped.
– Removed array_filter function due to php version compatibility

= 1.6 Beta =
– Check if CustomPress is active
– Check if there exist custom field in CustomPress for products
– New settings for product image import method (ftp or url)
– Rewritten load_image.php to handle ftp and url upload
– New options for csv file used with url upload; IMAGEnn (00-10), PATHnn (00-10)

= 1.5 Beta =
– Settings is now deleted if the plugin is deleted
– New settings for product image import
– New settings for custom fields

= 1.3 Beta =
– CSV file is now semicolon seperated, and you can use either period or comma as decimal seperator.
– Removed variant settings. Now variants has its own line in csv, and can be as many as you want. Se the new csv samplefile.
– Rebuildt import function to be more flexible
– Still problems with import functions from external sources

= 1.2 Beta =
– small temperary workaround to fix problems with including import functions from external sources
– included an extended marketpress-importers.php to replace the original. This includes my extended import. My own external is in this version disabled, except the parameters!! You can find it in the folder ‘extra’, and replace the original with this one (you can find it in the markepress pluginfolder ‘marketpress-includes’.

= 1.1 Beta =
– now as a plugin called ESWD Utilities
– set up the utility in Settings > ESWD Utilities
– do the import in the Store settings importers section

== Upgrade Notice ==

== Screenshots ==

== Frequently Asked Questions ==
– copy you images to wp-content/uploads/product/import
– all images must be named ITEMNUMBER.jpg, ITEMNUMBER_01.jpg and ITEMNUMBER_02.jpg where the first is the main photo for featured image. _01 and _02 will be imported to the items gallery
– struct your CSV as shown in sample-ext-marketpress-import-url.csv
– start the import via the Importers tab from MarketPress, store settingstart the import via the Importers tab from MarketPress, store settings

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